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    6 May 2019
    The article mentioned below will now be titled 'Triple C'. It will be about how employers can cultivate amongst the workforce a commitment to continuous improvement in the workplace. Triple C workshops are a growth area in my turf care sector work. Typical workshops tackle - morale problems, high staff turnover, communication problems, and underperforming work teams.

    16 April 2019
    Just finished my 85th (!) article for Pitchcare Magazine. The title is 'No Involvement, No Commitment'. If you cannot wait - advance copies are available upon request via the Contact tab of this website.

    19 March 2019
    Two 4-hour seminars at 'Top 100' Stoneham Golf Club (on Customer Service) were very successful with participants from all departments producing pages of standards and measures! Club Chairman Nick Clayton has warmly invited me to return to continue the process of taking the club's customer service to the next level. My thanks to course manager Matt Plested for suggesting me as the seminar designer and leader.

    20 February 2019
    My thanks to Nadine Rathe from Germany who continues to pay for her weekly English Conversation lessons with me (over Skype) out of her own pocket. Wunderbar!

    23 January 2019
    My three seminars at Continue to Learn 2019 at BTME Harrogate all well received. My thanks to Mark Ross at Elgin Golf Club who told the organisers (BIGGA) that one of my seminars was 'Excellent, interesting, well worth attending. Probably, if not definitely, the best seminar I have attended at BTME'.

    16 January 2019
    Good to be back working with Regional Pitch Advisors and Institute of Groundsmanship administrators today. Real courage shown by individuals during the Presentation Skills session.

    10 January 2019
    First seminar with new client Red Line PV at historic Bletchley Park. 'Excellence at Work'(for the entire workforce) was very well received. Looking forward to more activity with them later this year.

    9 January 2019
    Great to run a seminar at a brand new venue! 'Enhanced Communication Skills' for Grounds Training (Pitchcare) at Allscott Park went really well. Final seminar in this 2018-2019 series with be 'Problem Solving and Decision Making' at same place on 27 March 2019. Still a few places left!

    12 December 2018
    My appreciation to one of my English Conversation students (Nadine) who can no longer get her lessons with me over Skype paid for by her husband's employer in Germany so she is now paying out of her own pocket. Great stuff!

    16 November 2018
    Great reaction to my motivational presentation at The Belfry for the qualified greenkeepers and groundsmen only lawncare franchise 'Lawn Master'. My thanks to Ellie Parry for connecting me up with her client.

    1 November 2018
    Two great days at SALTEX 2018 at the NEC, Panel debate on Day 1 went well and hosting the Job Clinic for two days was amazing! 70% of people visiting the Clinic were female. One was a French woman from the food industry. She made her way to the NEC to attend the Clinic which she thought was open to everyone - not just people in the sports turf sector! Made the connection through Linked In. Who knew?

    25 October 2018
    After a glorious summer of mainly Business English at VW Group and VW Financial Services I finally got back to turfcare today with an 'Excellence at Work' Seminar for the Oxford University Sports Grounds Team. My thanks to Jon Buddington (Grounds Manager) who generously described me as being 'the best trainer in our industry'.

    31 August 2018
    Dates and venue now confirmed by Grounds Training for their suite of four one-day seminars for supervisors for 2018-19. Attend one, two, three or all four of them! Dates: 1) Taking Charge (14 Nov 2018), Getting Better Results (12 Dec 2018), Enhanced Communication Skills (10 Jan 2019) and Problem Solving and Decision Making (21 Feb 2019). Venue: Allscott Park, Telford, TF6 5DY. Further details and booking click on:…/supervisory-essentials-for-head-…/.

    27 June 2018
    I currently have 11 'foreign' students learning Business English with me (mostly Conversation and Correction). I have one at Director Level (Czech), one apprentice and one IT specialist (both German), one senior manager (German), three middle managers (one Spanish, one Russian and 1 German) and four wives of executives (2 Czech and 2 German).
    Two of my students get their lessons with me online via Skype (one in Braunschweig and one in Moscow). Of the eleven - eight have weekly or bi-weekly sessions and three have lessons when they have the time and/or they feel the need.

    24 May 2018
    The Reception Team Training for the Wolverton Health Centre was really great with all participants keen for me to return to do skill practices (role plays)!

    3 and 4 April 2018
    Three more seminars at The Grove in Hertfordshire were received enthusiastically at all levels in the organisation. The final one was run entirely spontaneously after priorities changed at the last minute.

    30 March 2018
    Most of March was spent doing Business English tutorials with German and Czech executives at VW Group and VW Financial Services in Milton Keynes.

    20 February 2018
    Two successful 'Excellence at Work' events at The Grove in Hertfordshire today. Fifteen people moving forward to excellence at work.

    24 January 2018
    My three 2-hour seminars at BTME 2018 went really well. Topics were 1) Transforming Your Team (third time run), 2) Appraising Your Mates at Work (second time run) and Criticising and Correcting People at Work (first time run).
    Bids for BTME 2019 are already being accepted!

    1 December 2017
    Christine Smith of Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment has invited me to run a seminar for in-house lawyers. Her company will sponsor the event.

    14 November 2017
    My group working session: 'Motivation - the Key to Success' at the FEGGA/R&A event in Brdo, Slovenia was a big success and as a consequence I have been asked to talk about running a one day communication session in Venice in 2018.

    1-2 November 2017
    My blend of seminars and one-to-one sessions at SALTEX 2017 at the NEC i.e. Being Your Best on Your CV (1 November) and Being Your Best at the Job Interview (2 November) went well The one-to-one sessions Perfecting CVs, Doing Well at Interviews and Proactive Job Searches were popular with contractors. Need to do a Contractors special next time!

    3-5 October 2017
    My combined Time Management, Influencing Others, Chairing Meetings and Presentation Skills for IOG office staff and new Regional Pitch Advisors was very successful and raised a number of ongoing development issues - for future action.

    5 September 2017
    Attended the Four Oaks (ornamental horticulture) Show at a venue close to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. Made a couple of good contacts for work this coming winter.

    22 August 2017
    Met with Sharon Rust the Practice Manager at Water Eaton Health Centre following her appearance on BBC Look East. I will be working with her Reception Team and members of the medical team on Dealing with Difficult People next month.

    28 July 2017
    Visits to clients continue through the summer and I have now trained the Reception Teams at three doctors' surgeries. Twelve more reception teams in the Milton Keynes area are to be trained over the next 12 months or so. Reaction has been great.

    5 June 2017
    Great response to some intense Time Management training for ICL at West Road, Ipswich today. So great that I have been asked to run an equally intense Meetings Management Workshop for them as soon as possible. Training will include a real full-on sales meeting in the afternoon.

    1 June 2017
    I currently have six Business English clients from around Europe: Three from the Czech Republic, two from Germany and one from Russia (who has her lessons via Skype from Moscow).

    26 April 2017
    First foray into training reception staff at a GP's surgery. Great reaction. Next one in June.

    19 April 2017
    Great reaction from GCMA Midland Region at South Staffs Golf Club. Topics are 'Motivating Self and Others' and 'Criticising and Correcting People at Work' went really well!

    5 April 2017
    Another great training event for Waterline Limited of Newport Pagnell. This took the form of a Senior Management Briefing. Next supervisor event will be held on 15 May 2017.

    23 March 2017
    Last of four supervisory training courses at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre for client Serco. I shall be meeting senior managers at Lilleshall on 2 May to discuss next winter's training programme design.

    7 March 2017
    After the first of four supervisory training courses at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre Serco have ordered another four for their teams at Bisham Abbey and Lilleshall starting in November 2017. These events are open to non-Serco people as well.

    22 February 2017
    Despite travel chaos and a late start the GCMA Chilterns and Home Counties Region Education Day was well received although I had to compress my later sessions. My four topics spread through the day were 'Motivating Self and Others', 'Dealing with Difficult People', 'Negotiating for Fun and Profit' and 'The Body Language of Influence'.

    16 January 2017
    Farmura Distributers Meeting a great success at BTME in Harrogate. The presenters I trained all did well and I have been invited to train Aquatrols/Farmura people in Europe! Great result.

    4 January 2018
    Conference Presenter Training for Farmura went really well. Fingers crossed for their newly trained presenters when they deliver at BTME 2017 later this month

    4 December 2017
    Golf Sector Training 'Four of a Kind' Achieved!
    I am pleased to report that four of the premier training providers in the golf sector have booked me for talks and seminars over the coming winter months.

    The two x 30 minute sessions at SALTEX 2016 Learning Live on 2 and 3 November 2016 at the NEC went really well. Topics and dates were 'From Stress to Success 1: Being Your Best' (2 November 2016) and 'From Stress to Success 2: Dealing with Difficult People' (3 November 2016.

    Grounds Training have booked me for four one day Supervisory Essentials Seminars at the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. They are garnering rave reviews: 'Taking Charge' (17 November 2016; 'Getting Better Results'(8 December 2016,'Enhanced Communication Skills' (16 February 2017) and 'Problem Solving & Decision Making' (23 March 2017).
    BIGGA booked me for 4 x 2 hour sessions at Continue to Learn 2017 at BTME 2017 in Harrogate: 'Golf Sector CVs and Interviews - From Both Sides!' (17 January 2017), 'Don't Ask Me...I Can't Change - Overcoming Resistance to Change at Work' (18 January 2017), 'Groundrules for Greenkeepers (18 January 2017) and 'Stop Telling Your Team - Start Transforming Your Team!' (18 January 2017).

    17 November 2016)
    The Pitchcare 'Supervisory Essentials - Taking Charge' seminar at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre got rave reviews and the venue was great!

    4 November 2016
    My SALTEX 2016 Learning Live events for the IOG went really well with good attendances and keen interest in my topics (chosen by the IOG). Topics were 'From Stress to Success 1: Being Your Best' (2 November 2016) and 'From Stress to Success 2: Dealing with Difficult People'(3 November 2016).

    18 October 2016
    My winter conferences are all now booked. SALTEX 2016 at the NEC. Two seminars in two days (2 and 3 November 2016. BTME 2017 at Harrogate. Four seminars in two days (17 and 18 January 2017) and 4 x one day seminars for Pitchcare in November and December 2016 and February and March 2017. See Journal Latest on this website for more details.

    4 August 2016
    Pitchcare have commissioned four new seminars from me. These may replace the Supervisory Essentials Series which have been running for a few years now. For latest Supervisory Essentials dates see Journal Latest on this website.

    14 June 2016
    Just lining up workplace visits to delegates who attended the Supervisory Essentials workshops this past winter. Visits enable me to ensure that workshop learning is transferred to the workplace.

    24 March 2016
    My annual Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop for Pitchcare was well received with delegates tacking real-life problems from their workplace.

    25 February 2016
    My annual Enhanced Communication Skills Workshop for Pitchcare went down well today at Allscott Park near Telford

    8 February 2016
    It was great to resume my 'Business English' work with a VW senior manager who had succeeded over the New Year with a number of staff performance matters we had discussed before Christmas.

    19 January 2016
    My three 2 hour seminars at BTME today SOLD OUT and upon completion won great reviews.

    10 December 2015
    The 'Supervisory Essentials Getting Better Results' seminar was very well received with delegates saying; 'Great event', 'Excellent', 'Really informative' and 'Very informative and fun'

    12 November 2016
    The 'Supervisory Essentials Taking Charge' seminar was very well received with one delegate saying 'Frank is an excellent trainer and enthusiastic' and another who had booked onto only the first and last of the series of four seminars said '10 out of 10! I want to do them all now!!!' My grateful thanks to all at Allscott Park who helped make this first of four seminars over the Autumn and Winter period such a success.

    5 November 2016
    My 'Managing Your Mates at Work' seminar at SALTEX 2016 at the NEC was very well received and a number of people were interested in further development.

    1 October 2015
    Jason Booth of the IOG pronounced my National Pitch Advisers professional development workshops a great success. Skills developed were: Time Management, Influencing Skills and Presentation Skills. More development is planned for March 2016.

    6 September 2015
    Ed Carter Sales Manager at ICL/Everris has requested Sales Team training for the Turf and Amenity team. This one day event will take place at The Belfry on 11 September 2015

    3 July 2015
    Jason Booth of the IOG keen for me to train his eight national Pitch Advisers three key skills: Time Management, Influencing Skills and Presentation Skills. Hopefully seminars will take place on 24-25 September and 1-2 October 2015.

    8 June 2015
    There was a real breakthrough in my 'Business English' work with a VW senior manager when another senior manager gave him feedback that his English has never sounded clearer or better. Nice one! Twice monthly one-to-one sessions continue throughout 2015.

    21 May 2015 (morning)
    This morning I ran a highly interactive four hour seminar on Time Management for Maxwell Amenity Ltd in Telford. Amongst other brands they own the very successful magazine. A follow up visit to ensure commitments are carried through will be scheduled for a about three months time.

    21 May 2015 (evening)
    I ran a highly interactive one hour seminar for the company lawyers' education network (C&I) on 'Scheduling Work and Managing Interruptions'in Covent Garden. This seminar has been successfully run all over the country across many sectors (see immediately above.

    15 April 2015
    The three ‘Moving Forward’ workshops for club staff i.e. office, bar, catering, pro shop and greens at Muswell Hill Golf Club were all very well received. Inter-departmental working groups will now be set up to work at monthly meetings - the focus being continuous improvement. I am grateful to everyone at the club for helping set the workshops up and to Matt Plested (Course Manager) and Adrian Hobbs (General Manager) for inviting me in.

    16 March 2015
    The ‘Moving Forward’ workshop for the management team at Muswell Hill Golf Club was very well received. In April I will facilitate three workshops that will take in all club staff i.e. office, bar, catering, pro shop and greens. These highly interactive and enjoyable workshops will ensure that the ‘Moving Forward’ values and skill sets are rolled out successfully this year for the benefit of all the club’s stakeholders.

    10 February 2015
    It was great to be working in York again where my Participation Masterclass (now an integral part of the training for BASIS trainers) gained a great reaction. Participation Workshops and Design Days for BASIS trainers are set to run from this coming summer right through to 2016.

    5 February 2015
    'Enhanced Communication Skills' event in Newport Pagnell today - the third of four Supervisory Essentials seminars was well received. Delegates return on 26 February 2015 for the 'Enhanced Communication Skills' seminar

    14 January 2015
    A great day at Weybrook Park Golf Club, Basingstoke, Hampshire, ended with all the management team taking on action items to ensure that the day's 'Excellence at Work' programme has a real impact at the club. My thanks to Martin Hucklesby the General Manager and all who helped make the event so successful.

    11 December 2014
    'My Getting Better Results' event in Newport Pagnell today - the second of four Supervisory Essentials seminars went really well. Delegates return on 5 February 2015 for the 'Enhanced Communication Skills' seminar.

    10 December 2014
    My first time at Fitzwilliam Wentworth Estates in Rotherham today. My fourth time working with park rangers and gamekeepers. The 'Dealing with Difficult People and Situations' event's skill practice sessions proved to have some very powerful learning outcomes. My design also included a session with a serving policeman advising on what their powers were and how to deal with law breakers on the estate

    3 December 2014
    Two separate 'Excellence at Work' seminars for the Wisley Golf Club proved very successful today. In the morning I worked with 25 members of the greens team and in the afternoon I switched to 14 members of the golf operations team.

    13 November 2014
    My 'Taking Charge' event in Newport Pagnell for Pitchcare today - the first of four Supervisory Essentials seminars went really well. Delegates return on 11 December 2014 for the 'Getting Better Results' seminar.

    4 November 2014
    My 'Teamwork and Motivation' session at the Training Matters Taster Day at the Windlesham Golf Club has resulted in a request for three separate events in the New Year to be held at the Highfield Park Conference Centre near Hook, Hampshire.

    14 October 2014
    My 'Teamwork and Motivation' session at the Training Matters Taster Day at the Windlesham Golf Club was described by the organiser Paul Mould as 'Brilliant'. It is hoped that this well attended Taster event will result in full day training seminars for Material Matters clients in the first quarter of 2015.

    7 October 2014
    My 'Stop Being So Nice' Seminar attracted over 50 PGA Pro Golfers and won rave reviews. One delegate (Vanda George) described it as 'Amazing', another (Rob Joyce) said it was 'Brilliant' and Dean Saunders said it was 'Great'. It is hoped that this reaction will bode well for my seminar for the PGA on 25 November called 'Time is Money'.

    14 July 2014
    Susanne Lewis of MHL has kindly invited me to run ten Presentation Skills coaching sessions for a French speaking senior manager at Volkwagen Group UK. The sessions will take place over the next two months.

    3 June 2014
    I am pleased to report the BASIS Trainer Participation Masterclass in Cambridge today was a great success with delegates who included training providers and consultants from the agricultural and turf care sectors.

    7 May 2014
    The Business Writing Seminar I ran with Susanne Gasser for KTS Events went well today. Reactions included: 'I found it very useful', 'Teachers were very friendly and answered any questions well', 'Instructional, well pitched, a good reference point'.

    8 April 2014
    It was great to be working in Edinburgh again where my Participation Masterclass for BASIS trainers got a great reaction. Masterclasses continue through the summer months.

    3 March 2014
    The BIGGA BB&O Section have invited me to speak 'on any topic' at their next Education Day at the Berkshire Golf Club on 5 November 2014. I am the Education Member of the BB&O Section for 2014.

    4 February 2014
    What has become an annual fixture in the training calendar my 'Enhanced Communication Skills' Seminar for was again well attended and gained a very positive response from delegates. Most had signed up for all four of the Supervisory Essentials Seminars. The fourth -'Problem Solving & Decision Making' will run on Tuesday 25th February 2014 at Harben House, Newport Pagnell. Places are still available. Contact for more information and to book places.

    20 January 2014
    My eighth consecutive 'Moving into Management' Workshop for BIGGA at Harrogate Week sold out (again)and garnered rave reviews.

    10 December 2013
    The second Supervisory Essentials Seminar of the season went well with delegates Simon Williams of SAS saying that the event is ‘helping to raise standards in (the) industry’ and Richard Creighton indicating that the seminar was ‘great for networking’.

    19 November 2013
    My first conference talk for ProLandscaper at their annual FutureScape event at Kempton Park. Great crowd, great atmosphere and great reaction to my 'Stop Being So Nice to people' session.

    12 November 2013
    The first Supervisory Essentials Seminar ('Taking Charge')
    got a great reaction. One delegate rated the event very simply: 'Fantastic Frank'.

    10 October 2013
    MHL are booking me into November for work I do with senior executives and key staff at Volkswagen UK Ltd in Milton Keynes.

    26 September 2013
    Today I put the finishing touches to my visual aids for a webinar for the Professional Golfers Association (PGA). The webinar will be called 'Time is Money' and will be recorded on Monday 30th September 2013.

    23 September 2013
    I have 36.5 hours of tutorials scheduled for Matterhorn Languages Ltd in October and the company has extended my work into November 2013.

    05 August 2013
    I have just been signed up by Matterhorn Languages Ltd to run language and communication skills sessions for the period August to October 2013. I will also be offering a wide range of unique soft skills courses under the Matterhorn banner to Matterhorn clients.

    15 July 2013
    A challenging one day 'Selling and Influencing' Workshop for the Rain Bird Wind Turbines Division concluded today. It became clear by midday that salesman had to some extent just been giving polite presentations but not actually selling in the pure sense of the term. That changes now!

    15 May 2013
    Adrian Cornell took the opportunity for some customised CPD with me today. One possible positive outcome is a Problem Solving session at his workplace in the autumn.

    16 April 2013
    The 'Participation Masterclass' I ran for BASIS Registrations Ltd today got such positive reviews that extra workshops have been scheduled for their trainers around the UK. Dates of workshops will be 9 July 2013 (York), 20 August 2013 (Cambridge), 3 September 2013 (Cirencester) and 17 September 2013 (Arundel). If you are a BASIS trainer and you want to attend this popular event contact Stephanie at BASIS HQ in Ashbourne.

    26 March 2013
    A Presenter Masterclass held over two days at the beautiful Wentworth Golf Club for Everris Ltd was a great success with delegates transforming their performance overnight from good to excellent.

    5 March 2013
    Five first time presenters survived a power cut and their own over-excitement to win applause and plaudits at BIGGA SW Section’s Education event in Chippenham. Confident they could succeed - SW Section polled its members who had never presented before. They had all five spend a morning being trained as speakers and then in the afternoon they all gave presentations to a critical audience of their peers. 25 people showed up and gave their nervous colleagues well deserved positive feedback on their speaker skills.
    A power cut interrupted the training so visual aids could not be perfected. Power was restored just before the first session in the afternoon.

    28 February 2013
    The final two pilot events of the four 'Supervisory Essentials' series of 1 day modules were packed and very well well received. I am grateful to Alton Town Council Head Groundsman Martin Sampson for hosting the event which was organised very efficiently bY Christine Johnson of Pitchcare. The next series of four 1 day events will be run in the autumn winter period.

    14 February 2013
    The Ransomes Jacobsen Sales Masterclasses ended on a high in Kinross in Fife. I shall be following up with attendees over the sumer months to track their progress.

    12 February 2013
    The first seven of nine Ransomes Jacobsen Sales Masterclass sessions around the UK have proved very successful with dealers delighted to be test driving six utility vehicles around 4 x 4 adventure tracks in Newmarket, Frickley and Kinross. The combination of test drives in the morning and learning in the afternoon was a hit with attendees.

    26 January 2013
    My first presentation to the British Herb Traders Association was called 'Transforming Your Team's Performance'. The opening interactive exercise was so absorbing and engaging that my whole talk time was spend debriefing the learning from it. For the first time ever I did not get past my opening slides and none of the planned presentation was actually delivered!

    21 January 2013
    The seventh consecutive 'Moving into Management' Workshop sold out weeks in advance and was probably the best ever! Updated and enhanced every year the event continues to be the first choice for employers wanting training for newly promoted or untrained supervisors and those aspiring to be supervisors.

    18 December 2012
    The pilot event of Supervisory Essentials - Getting Better Results was well attended today and well received. The first of a series of 4 modules was organised by Pitchcare and run at the Finnimore Pavilion in Alton, Hampshire.

    6 December 2012
    My IOG Industry Awards Speech 'Upgrading Your Influence' went down well with a positive reaction from organisors and attendees alike.

    4 December 2012
    The pilot event of Supervisory Essentials - Taking Charge was well attended today and well received. The first of a series of 4 modules was organised by Pitchcare and run at the Finnimore Pavilion in Alton, Hampshire.

    26 November 2012
    BIGGA report that places are going fast on the 'Moving Into Management' 2 day workshop at Harrogate Week on 20-21 January 2013. This event now in its seventh year normally sells out well in advance.

    23 November 2012
    Pitchcare report a healthy level of interest in the Supervisory Essential Series of four 'stand alon one day modules. For dates see under the 'Journal' and 'Latest' tabs above.

    12 November 2012
    Today BASIS Registration confirmed the first tranche of three 'participative training' workshops that they want me to run for their trainers around the UK. Dates of workshops will be in April (Asbourne), July (York) and September (Arundel) 2013.

    26 September 2012
    The 'GTC Communication Triangle' event at Woking Golf Club today was a great success with attendees saying it was 'professional, fun, informative, positive, relaxed atmosphere' and 'very informative and (it) has given us the basis to improve communication between club and membership'

    21 September 2012
    BASIS (Registration Ltd today confirmed that they want me to roll out Participation Workshops to their instructors nationwide starting in the New Year.

    13 August 2012
    The pilot 'Participation Masterclass' for BASIS (Registration) Ltd proved a lively and informative experience for all concerned - including me. Steven Jacobs, Business Manager at BASIS hopes now to roll out the event to all 60 of their trainers around the country as soon as possible. This might mean up to 10 workshops in the coming months.

    13 July 2012
    A Problem Solving session held today for board members and officials of the GCSAI proved very successful. I will be following up in the coming weeks.

    12 July 2012
    My 'Moving into Management' workshop in Ireland for Everris and NAD people went well. Delegates now have projects to run at work to test the learning. I will follow up on progress within hte next three months.

    24 May 2012
    It was great to run the very last Essential Management Skills Workshop (Day 2) at the AELTC in Wimbledon. The weather was beautiful and we were able to do some very effective group work on the verandah of one of the on-site restaurants. This 2 day (over three months) Pitchcare EMS event has been running for seven years now and it will be replaced in the Autumn of 2012 by four 'stand alone' one day events. See under the Seminars and Services 'Coming Soon' tab for more details.

    4 May 2012
    I was invited today by John Quinton, Ransomes Jacobsens UK and Ireland Sales Manager to devise a half-day 'Dealer Excellence Event' that can be rolled out to their dealer network in the UK and Ireland. Such an event would focus on such key issues as personal presentation, making presentations to customers and making customer visits more effective.

    26 April 2012
    I am grateful to Stephen Squires and Richard Walton for asking me to run a Presenter Masterclass for four key Everris people. The event which was run over two days (25 - 26 April 2012) proved very successful and the roll out of the training to the rest of Richard's UK and Ireland team is now being actively considered.

    12 April 2012
    I ran 2 half day 'Customer Service Excellence' Seminars for Mills Ltd (Greenford) people today. The response to both events was very positive and I have now been invited to propose for a Team Building Day for senior managers later in the year.

    28 March 2012
    I am grateful to Alan Mahon of the GCSAI for booking me to run a very successful and enjoyable Problem Solving session at their annual conference at the beautiful Heritage Club in Killenard in County Laois in Ireland. I hope to return to work wiht the GCSAI Board in the summer.

    22 March 2012
    It was great to work at the All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon for Day One of the popular Essential Managment Skills event went very well and Day 2 will be at the same iconic venue on 24 May 2012.

    1 March 2012
    Day 2 of Pitchcare's popular and most recent 'Essential Management Skills' Workshop went really well with delegates testifying of real progress at work since Day 1 on 1st November 2011. The next Pitchcare Essential Management Skills Workshop will be held at the All England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon. Day 1 will be held on 22 March 2012. Day 2 will be at the same venue in May 2012. Contact for details.

    29 February 2012
    My second 'Dealing with Difficult People and Situations' course for the Crown Estates Paving Commission in beautiful Regents Park in London was a resounding success with excellent performances in the skill practice sequence. Attendees included a lawyer, a golf course manager and four gardeners!

    22 February 2012
    Business Manager Robin Easton was so delighted with the reaction to my 'Excellence at Work' seminar at Effingham Golf Club in Surrey that he is contemplating making this a regular event.

    17 February 2012
    All five seminars on the 'Time Management for TGI Partners' Tour were very well received. Venues visited were Bellshill, Glasgow, Dundee, Maidenhead, Lea Marston, Birmingham and Leeds, N. Yorkshire. I am grateful to Gregor Munro of TGI Golf Partners for sorting out the logistics of the tour.

    10 February 2012
    Snow covered Burnham Beeches Golf Club was the picturesque venue for a 'Customer Service Excellence' seminar for clubhouse catering and bar staff. Board member Jerry Mills was so impressed by the content and impact of the event that he has invited me to run two similar seminars for his cable distribution company Mills Limited in Middlesex in April 2012.

    1 February 2012
    I am grateful to David Truby for inviting me to work at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester where I gave a motivational presentation to around fifty of his Greensleeves Lawncare franchisees. David, who gave a review of their record-breaking results for 2011 was followed by Simon Barnaby. I ended the day's activities with a self-awareness raising session and an audit of what customers expect from suppliers in 2012.

    25 January 2012
    My 'Three R's - Recruitment, Retention and Rave Reviews' session for the GCMA at Harrogate Week went really well. There were two 45 minute sessions on this topic with Greg Evans MG on first. Greg looked critically at the golfing experience whilst I focussed hard on the customer experience offered by golf clubs. Following this success Greg and I are looking forward to working together again soon.

    22 January 2012
    My 'Moving into Management' Workshop for BIGGA at Harrogate Week 2012 - SOLD OUT well in advance for the sixth year running - was very well received with one delegate disclosing that the 'some of the things I have learned with you in the last 2 days I will remember for the rest of my life.

    10 January 2012
    We had a great 'Assertiveness at Work' Seminar for the staff at Rebecca House - the children's part of The Hospice Isle of Man. It was rewarding to see the progress of the team and of individuals since the 2011 Team Building event. I am grateful to Margaret Simpson and Diane Corrin for their kind invitation to me to work with the Rebecca House team again.

    28 December 2011
    I am pleased to report that my 'Moving into Management' Workshop for BIGGA at Harrogate Week 2012 has sold out well in advance for the sixth year running! My thanks to Sami and Rachael at BIGGA House for their hard work in connection with this achievement.

    1 December 2011
    Day One of the Essential Management Skills Workshop at Newport Pagnell was well attended and well received. Day Two will be held on 1 March at the same venue. I am grateful to Chrissie Johnson of Pitchcare for organising these training events.

    26 November 2011
    I am grateful to Jerry Kilby for inviting me to be the Conference Moderator/Facilitator at the annual CMAE 'Leadership in Education' Conference on 24-26 November 2011 in the Algarve. The weather was a sunny 21C and the conference was deemed a great success by organisors and delegates alike. Last year I was snowed in and unable to attend and this year a strike by Portuguese Air Traffic Controllers on 24 November nearly scuppered all our plans. Thankfully Monarch Airlines diverted their Faro flight to Seville and provided buses to take us across the border in good time.

    23 November 2011
    My talk on 'Transforming Your Team's Performance' at the TGA Annual Meeting today proved to be a winner with one delegate saying it was the best they had ever had! I am grateful to Tim Mudge for inviting me to be their Keynote Speaker this year.

    15 November 2011
    I gave a one hour 'Negotiating Skills' presentation today. One third of the delegates attended my session - one of four running parallel at the GCMA National Conference. After my session I had five 'one-to-ones' with individuals. We discussed specific negotiating strategies and other important situations they are facing. The reaction to the negotiating ideas was very positive and I am grateful to Gill Bridle and Keith Lloyd for this opportunity to again work for the GCMA.

    11 October 2011
    The PGA have kindly put my invitation to employers to attend three of my GTC approved workshops on their member education website. The three workshops are 'Getting Better Results', 'Getting the Best People' and 'Better Communication'. The link to the relevant PGA website page is:

    25 September 2011
    So far this month I have enjoyed meetings and visits with Stuart Yarwood MG at Lymm Golf Club in Cheshire and Ian Lacy of the IOG at SALTEX. I also popped into the Four Oaks Trade Show in Macclesfield and the GLEE Trade Show at the NEC. I also attended two excellent and well attended Laurence Pithie MG workshops for Secretary/Managers and Club Chairmen. One at Temple GC and one at Gatton Manor.

    24 August 2011
    I am pleased to report that I have been accredited as a Quality Assured Training Provider by the GTC. I will now be working closely with them to target employers in the golf sector. I am also a patron member of FEGGA, a Gold Key Supporter of BIGGA and an Associate Member of the IOG and the CIPD

    28 July 2011
    I had a great meeting today with Laurence Pithie (the UK's first Master Greenkeeper) now a top golf course consultant. We resolved to seek to work together soon with clients who need his financial, technical and course management 'know-how' and my 'people performance' expertise.

    25 July 2011
    I met with the management team at C&I Group in Stockport today. After the meeting we resolved to follow up my successful 'Upgrading Your Influence' sessions in all their network's regions with half day and whole day seminars for their members starting this autumn.

    21 June 2011
    I ran a one hour 'Excellence at Work' Seminar for Sean Malherbe at the Ferndown Golf Club for staff in different departments. The reaction was very positive and I hope to have a continuing relationship with this great club.

    7 June 2011
    Just reconnected with Sukhbinder Paul of Greenhill Care Homes and we hope to run some staff training in Torquay in the coming weeks.

    6 May 2011
    Margaret Simpson (CEO) has requested a third seminar for the Hospice Isle of Man management and supervisory team. This seminar on Managing Change will take place in July 2011.

    15 April 2011
    The funeral for Ian McMillan, who died suddenly at age 50 on 3 April 2011, was an uplifting experience. The attendance was impressive with over 100 people standing in the aisles in order to witness the event. Through his positive and pragmatic example Ian was a great teacher to all in the turfcare professions. Always in search of new learning and 'best practice - he will be sorely missed.

    7 April 2011
    My 'Upgrading Your Influence' presentation tour of the all the regions in the C&I Group (in company lawyers) was concluded in Birmingham with very positve reviews. Looking ahead now to the sequel - perhaps 'Upgrading Your Influence 2: Presenting to People'?

    2 April 2011
    Following discussions in Penang, Malaysia with Ninian le Blanc MBE I can report that Ninian and I hope to be working together on one or two training initiatives on Penang island in the next twelve months

    23 March 2011
    The two presentations I ran for the STMA (the Southern Turf Managers Assocation) at Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand proved very popular with a big turnout and a very positive reaction. The morning session 'Persuading People' was based on my 'Upgrading Your Influence' presentation which has already gained rave reviews across a number of sectors and has travelled successfully to Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and all over the UK. The afternoon session 'Presenting to People' was also successful and it is hoped that this promotional visit to NZ will result in more bookings in future. STMA Board members are convinced that I 'will be back'.

    I am grateful to Ryan Irwin, also a Board Member of the NZGCSA for kindly inviting me to run the two presentations. I also wish to thank our host Ian Douglas of The Hills Golf Club, our sponsors Advanced Irrigation Limited for their kind support and Blair Dibley for arranging our overnight stay at the spectacularly beautiful Millbrook Resort.

    17 March 2011
    An assessment centre (held on 14 March 2011) that I devised for the THRIVE (Not for Profit) organisation in Auckland, New Zealand proved very successful with 10 excellent candidates being reduced to five (who were then interviewed by Board members on 17 March). The successful candidate will start work as general manager in April 2011.

    4 March 2011
    Each of my four separate 2 hour seminars on Customer Service Excellence at Gullane Golf Club on 3 March 2011 proved fascinating and had a powerful impact on the staff. I am grateful to Stephen Anthony - the Club Manager at this beautiful course in East Lothian for inviting me to work at Gullane after seeing me at the last GCMA national conference at Hinckley Island.

    2 March 2011.
    My thanks go to Gordon Moir, Director of Greenkeeping at St Andrews Links Trust who invited me to work with three groups at different levels on 1-2 March 2011. These groups being existing course managers, course supervisors and those with management potential. All of the seminars went well and were followed by some one-to-one coaching with six individuals.

    28 February 2011
    My design for the principal group session at the FEGGA Conference in Reykjavik on 24-27 February 2011 proved to be very successful winning rave reviews from people new to the design of the group sessions. This year FEGGA hosted 'The Summit' - a worldwide gathering as opposed to the more typical European gathering of membership associations and educators in the golf sector. I received 15 expressions of interest at the conference and I am hoping that these will firm up to become work for me in, amongst other places, the USA, Canada and Australia.

    22 February 2011
    For the second year running it was my pleasure to be the concluding speaker at the annual BIGGA London Section Seminar. My theme was 'Overcoming Resistance'. Jim McKenzie, Courses Director at Celtic Manor and Simon Gidman (golf course architect) were also featured speakers on the programme. I am grateful to Andy Wight of Oaklands College for inviting me to speak.

    17 February 2011
    The second day of the 2-day Essential Management Skills Workshop for Groundsmen and Greenkeepers was well received on 17 February 2011. This 2 day's training 'separated by time to apply the learning and report back' formula has proved to be cost-effective and very popular in recent years. To reserve your place on future workshops call Christine Johnson on 01902 440263 or email her at These events attract BIGGA CPD points.

    9 February 2011
    I had a great time at my first Golf Industry Show in Orlando, Florida this week. I had very useful meetings with (amongst others) Steve Mona of the World Golf Foundation, Shari Koehler of the GCSAA, Bruce Jamieson, Howard and Beverley Swan, Gordon Moir and Gordon McKie of St Andrews Links, Demie Moore of Aquatrols and Karl Danneburger of Ohio State University.

    1 February 2011
    I met Steve Mona today at the World Golf Foundation in St Augustine, Florida where I also visited the impressive World Golf Hall of Fame. We talked briefly about the work of the Foundation and the upcoming Golf Industry Show in Orlando.

    20 January 2011
    My Careers Clinic appointments on Tuesday 18 to Thursday 20 January 2011 on 'Perfecting CV's', 'Doing Well at Interviews' and 'Selection Techniques for Employers' were fully booked and proved very successful.I am gratefull to Angela at BIGGA HQ for her help scheduling people into their appointments.

    19 January 2011
    I was the concluding speaker on the GCMA Conference Programme on the morning of Wednesday 19 January 2011. The sessions were well received i.e. I followed Keith Lloyd, Chief Executive of the GCMA. Keith Adderley and Martin Gunn of the beautiful Temple Golf Club in Berkshire and Laurence Pithie MG of Turfmaster One. My topic was the 'Three T's' i.e. Top Teambuilding Tips for 2011. My thanks to Gill Bridle for inviting me to speak at this event for the third year running. To reserve a place on my future seminars for the GCMA please email Gill at

    19 January 2011
    The brand new Development Seminar for Assistant Greenkeepers (D-SAG) was piloted very successfully for BIGGA at Harrogate Week on Wednesday 19 January. This short and snappy (2 hour seminar) was specifically devised for Assistant Greenkeepers. In a highly interactive and supportive way Assistants learned about the key skills of workplace communication and team working plus a few tips on how they can progress in their careers via CPD. These seminars will now be rolled out into the regions with a expanded 'education' component. To reserve your place on future regional seminars telephone 01347 83800 - Option 3 or email

    17 January 2011
    All the places on my 'Moving Into Management' workshop on 16-17 January 2011 were sold three months in advance. This is the 5th year running that this popular trainng course has sold out in advance. If you were not able to get a place on this workshop and you have an urgent training need please contact me directly on 01908 520202 to discuss your situation.

    16 December 2010
    The first 'Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Seminar' to be held at Warwick University went very well. More are anticipated. To reserve your place on a future seminar contact Christine by email at

    1 December 2010
    Heavy snowfall closed a number of UK airports and sadly, like a number of UK people, I was unable to attend the Leadership in Education Conference in the Algarve on 2-4 December 2010. I am grateful to Jerry Kilby of the CMAE for inviting me in the first place and I look forward to meeting Jerry in Harrogate in January 2011 to consider how I may help the CMAE in future.

    30 November 2010
    My 'Upgrading Your Influence' session in Reading for the Thames Valley members of the C&I Group (a company lawyers CPD network) went well and ended a year of successful seminars for C&I in 2010. I look forward to developing and running more great seminars for them in 2011.

    25 November 2010
    My second round of seminars at the Hospice Isle of Man proved a powerful experience for all concerned. All being well my next two seminars will be in July 2011. I am grateful to Margaret Simpson (CEO) for her support on these demanding events.

    17 November 2010
    Day One of the 2-day Essential Management Skills Workshop for Groundsmen and Greenkeepers at Warwick University went very well. Day 2 will be on 17 February 2011. This 2 day's training 'separated by 3 months to apply the learning and report back' formula has proved to be cost-effective and very popular in recent years.

    16 November 2010
    My two part motivational talk 'Responding to the Recession' and 'Getting Ready for the Recovery' for the GCSAI at The Castle in Dublin went very well indeed. I am grateful to Alan Mahon for showing me round Dublin after the seminar.

    15 November 2010
    I coached Simon Graham (Course Manager)and Duncan Sieling (Deputy Course Manager) at the elite Buckinghamshire Golf Club today. After lunch a feedback session with the Greens team was revealing and motivational.

    10 November 2010
    My half day management seminar and motivational talk on coaching were both very well received at the DGA education conference in Jutland. This was my 5th consecutive year working in Denmark.

    4 November 2010
    I am grateful to Dave Steward of Scotts Professional for inviting me to address their Sales and Marketing Conference in Rome. My 60 minute presentation was customised to the specific needs of Scotts delegates. Called the 'Motivational Moment' the talk was very well received by all the senior managers present and I am looking forward to working with the company again in 2011.
    1 November 2010
    It was great to spend the day at Denham having meetings with Dubravka Griffiths (Ops Manager), Simon Graham (Course Manager), Duncan Sieling (Deputy Course Manager) and all the members of the Greens Team at the elite Buckinghamshire Golf Club today. The next training day has been scheduled for 15 November 2010.
    13 October 2010
    The two Speed Reading courses I ran for the UKBA in Croydon were very well received. One delegate said it was the best course he had ever attended at work. I am grateful to Mandy Lochhead of Bray Leino for this great opportunity to help people to double their reading speed.

    1 October 2010
    Yesterday I met Sandy Porter (Head of HR) and Mary Lane of Richemont's legal team to talk about what I can offer their staff and managers (corporate and brands). Richemont own a number of luxury brands including Cartier, Chloe and Jaeger Le Coultre. We are now planning two sessions for the legal team: 'Business Influencing Skills' and 'The Difficult Conversation'. I also look forward to being able to help other departments/brands

    27 September 2010
    It was good to start work with some of the untrained managers at the Buckinghamsire Golf Club in Denham, Bucks today. The early sessions resulted in the need to review the objectives of the training. My next training day with them will be on 1 November 2010. I am grateful to Kate Tilston the HR Administrator for inviting me to help her with this vital work.

    22 September 2010
    Some lawyers were online from Geneva when I gave a presentation to the Legal Team at Thomson Reuters. I am grateful to Joanna Orzech of their Legal Team in Canary Wharf London for inviting me to be the motivational speaker at their team meeting at 09.30 on 22 September 2010. This invitation followed the rave reviews I got for the presentation I gave to the C&I Group company lawyers network event at Stephenson Harwood in St Pauls Churchyard London on the 19th July.

    3 September 2010
    Just agreed that my sessons for the DGA Conference in Denmark will be on Wednesday 10 Novemeber 2010.

    26 August 2010
    I have just announced my Harrogate Week 2011 programme in my latest Newsletter. I will be doing one 2 day workshop, two short seminars and I will be helping out with the Careers Fair in the Personal Development Zone. I will be coaching small groups or working one-to-one with job seeking BIGGA members as well as BIGGA members who are employers. One-to-one appointments will be spread over the three days of the Trade Show. If you would like to receive my Newsletter just click on the Contact tab above and make your request.

    18 August 2010
    I have just announced a new service for my clients - Media Skills Training. This training is for people who want to draw regular positive media attention to their organisations and the services they provide - so 'Get Your Name in the Papers - Get Your Firm on TV!'

    12 August 2010
    I met the gifted Kate Tilston today at the Buckinghamshire Golf Club. This up-market venue is seeking to improve even more by way of my 'Excellence at Work' training programme for all key staff.

    27 July 2010
    Productive meetings today with Gordon Moir (Director of St Andrews Links) and Andy Campbell of Ransomes Jacobsen both seeking proposals for training programmes later this year.

    19 July 2010
    My 'Upgrading Your Influence' presentation gained a huge audience and a very positive reaction from in-company lawyers in the London area. The organisers (C&I Group) are now keen for me to give this presentation in Reading and in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    9 July 2010
    The two day's of seminars I ran for The Hospice Isle of Man on 7-8 July 2010 got a great reaction. ‘Thank you very much for providing the excellent training. The feedback I received was first class. Everyone enjoyed it and I am sure gained a lot from it. You are such an inspirational speaker!’ Margaret Simpson, CEO

    10 June 2010
    A presentation I gave on 'Upgrading Your Influence' for lawyers in the Leeds area was described variously by attendees as being ‘Good’, ‘Energetic’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Humorous’, ‘Thought-provoking’, 'Informative and fun’. The organisor Christine Smith kindly commented that it was ‘such an interesting presentation’ and one attendee said ‘Wish I’d attended 10 years ago! Chris Smith is now hoping to roll out the same presentation to her clients in the Thames Valley area. In the meantime I shall be following up on a number of referrals.

    26 May 2010
    I ran an 'Excellence at Work' Seminar for the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club in Brancaster on 26th May 2010. It was very well received. The Course Manager said the results were 'fantastic'. I am grateful to Club Secretary Ian Symington for this exciting opportunity.

    19 May 2010
    Congratulations to Psul Mitchell on getting the top job at Harrogate Golf Club. It was great to give Paul a practice interview just before the real thing. I am pleased to report that this demanding rehearsal seems to have served him well on the day.

    6 May 2010
    I had a 2 hour consultation session with senior managers at Admiral Solutions and Support on the issue of role transition. Key player Paul Allen's role has changed and the company needs to ensure that it will be as successful when others start to perform some of his key functions. An Excellence at Work Seminar may well follow next month.
    14 April 2010
    It was good to be back in Edinburgh where I ran an 'Excellence at Work' Seminar for TGI Golf Ltd. Delegates committed to doing even better than they are already doing at work and in business.

    29 March 2010
    The Minute Writing Course I ran for Haringey Council was a an enjoyable affair with delegates very surprised that such a dry topic could be so much fun. High point of the day was a one hour meeting on controversial topics. The discussions was heated and they were duly minuted with great success.

    9 March 2010
    The latest 'Essential Management Skills' Workshop (Day 2) run at JAGS in Dulwich went very well with delegates reporting on their actions during the interveninig three months since Day One. Foir the second time we worked specifically on delegate's current work problems. THis was very motivational for all in attendance.

    4 March 2010
    My address to the annual GCSAI conference programme sponsored by Toro/Lely in Limerick went very well. My topic was how to have more impact at work or how to get what you want by being undreasonal. I am grateful to Bruce Jamieson for inviting me to speak this year. His original invitation to me to speak in Ireland was dated September 2004!

    27 February 2010
    I led a 2 hour session focusing on the key aspects of running a successful membership organisation at the FEGGA Conference in Vienna. The session was be the centre piece of FEGGA's annual conference and my session built on the process I devised for their Copenhagen conference in February 2009. The Vienna conference was be my third consecutive conference for FEGGA. You can learn more about their work by visiting

    18 February 2010
    The 3P's Seminar (Progress, Peril and Presentation) at Oaklands College on 18 February proved to be very popular. Delegates came from as far away as Ireland (for a London area event). Weeks in advance the bookings had reached 3 figures and looked set to sell out. I was the concluding speaker on a very strong programme that included Greg Evans (Ealing GC)and Dr Ruth Mann of the STRI. I have since been booked by Oaklands to give a motivational address to an Equiene Employers Event in June 2010.

    4 February 2010
    It was great to work in The Hub at Regents Park. A unique venue and a successful workshop - Dealing with Difficult People. I am grateful to Chrissie Johnson of for booking me for this work.

    3 February 2010
    My one day seminar for club managers went very well and I am grateful to Colin Hextall of the Chilterns and Home Counties Region of the GCMA for his confidence in my work.

    28 January 2010
    I was grateful for the very positive reaction to the Presentations Skills Training Course I ran at Polaris World in Murcia, Spain. Delegates were drawn from Polaris World golf developments, representatives of the Spanish Greenkeepers Association and four students from the FEGGA Scholarship programme.

    20 January 2010
    I was grateful for the reaction to my talk at the EGU/GCMA/R&A CPD Programme at Harrogate Week. I was delighted to be invited to run a Seminar for Hospice volunteers and managers on the Isle of Man as a consequence.

    18 January 2010
    My 4th consecutive year running the 'Moving Into Management' workshop of Harrogate Week was again sold out in advance and proved very enjoyable and successful for all 14 delegates.

    8 December 2009
    The latest 'Essential Management Skills' Workshop run at Woollam Fields, St Albans School went very well with delegates set to return for Day 2 on 9 March 2010. On day two they will then report on their actions during the interveninig three months and receive more advice and guidance on key management issues.

    4-5 December 2009
    My two sessions at the APG Conference in Portugal 3-6 December 2009 proved very successful. The two sessions were 'Upgrading Your Team Performance' and 'Upgrading Your Influence'. This invitation follows the successful piloting of the 'Facing the Future' Problem Solving session in Copenhagen earlier this year.

    18 November 2009
    All my (four) sessions for the GCMA National Conference at Hinckley Island went over extremely well today and interest in my work has soared. A number of bookings are already in the pipeline. I am very grateful to Keith Lloyd and Gill Bridle for having the confidence to book me for the whole day. In the breaks between my sessions I did about 8 one-to-one sessions with individual club managers, a process which also worked very well.

    5 November 2009
    Looking forward to running a 'Dealing with Difficult People' seminar for Admiral Voice and Data in the very near future. I am grateful to Len Saben for putting me in touch with Paul Allen who has requested that the seminar be run as soon as possible.

    8 September 2009
    My 'Excellent Customer Service' seminar at the annual ornamental horticulture) industry leading 'Four Oaks Show' on 8 September 2009 in Macclesfield went very well and was described by attendees as 'brilliant', 'inspiring' and 'really good'. My thanks to retail marketing expert John Stanley for including me in the programme of seminars. You can learn more about the show by visiting and you can check out John Stanley at

    26 August 2009
    Today marks a record number of pro bono days I have worked for volunteers in a year. I do pro bono work for volunteers between the months of April and September every year. If you do voluntary work and you feel that I might be able to help you to do it better please get in touch.

    31 July 2009
    The 'Dealing with Difficult People' Seminar I did for the CEPC team who maintain Regents Park was very successful with all the participants working hard to get good results. I am grateful to Christine Johnson of for booking me for this work. I will be following up on progress in a few weeks time.

    15-16 July 2009
    My thanks go to Gorazd Nastran for organising a wonderful few days in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia for Mrs N and myself. It was good to work with volunteers in the Slovenian Greenkeepers Association on 'Conference Speaker Skills' and 'Management Skills'.

    1 July 2009
    It was good to do some coaching with a Board Member of a membership organisation on a range of key issues for the future. I look forward to seeing him again next month.

    16 June 2009
    I am grateful to Aden Clark of GCM Guernsey for a great day working with the GCM Guernsey greens team. We looked at communication, team working and how to achieve 'Excellence at Work'. I will be monitoring progress with Course Manager Marcus Hamon over the coming weeks. I am grateful to top golf course consultant Peter Jones of PJA for referring me to Aden in the first place. You can read more about Peter's work at

    6 June 2009
    Opening a trade show brochure this morning I was delighted to find I had a prime slot on the seminar programme. Novel way of letting me know about it! For more details see the entry for the Four Oaks Show under the Seminars and Services tab 'Coming Soon'.

    14 May 2009
    Another great CPD day with a membership organisation board member yesterday. More coaching and creativity sessions are to be scheduled throughout the year

    11 May 2009
    I was pleased to have a key part in the CPD day for lawyers in Baker Street London today. I have been invited to meet a couple of influential company lawyers in the coming weeks.

    21 April 2009
    Gordon Moir, Director of Greenkeeping at St Andrews Links expressed appreciation on the effectiveness of two short management seminars I ran for him on 21 April 2009. One was for the Course Managers and Deputies and the other, a follow up, was with the Senior Greenkeepers.

    20 April 2009
    Committee Members of BIGGA's Scotland Central and Scotland East Sections commented how enjoyable and inspirational my two seminars were at Elmwood today. One seminar was on 'Meetings Managment' (Chairing Meetings) and the other was on 'Improving Attendance at Local Events'.

    13 April 2009
    The one-day Personal Presentation Skills Session I ran for 16 delegates attending the EIGCA Diploma course in the Algarve, Portugal was very well received. The diploma programme has attracted people from the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, and the UK. One delegate described the day as 'Really worthwhile in any profession that deals with the public or needs to appeal to people'. Another commented: 'Excellent presentation', 'deep commitment by presenter' and 'lots of of fun'. I am grateful to Howard Swan for recommending me and Martyn Jones and Helen at the Institute for their kind assistance before and during the event.

    6 April 2009
    Just did an audition for the chance to run a number of Customer Service Seminars for the NHS Blood and Transplant Service. The audition went very well and is part of Bray Leino's bid for the training contract. I am grateful to Nigel Walpole for choosing me to be his representative.

    18 March 2009
    'I knew when I looked in and saw people sitting in the aisles that Frank was doing well'- Caleb Culverwell (UBM Live). My three scheduled sessions at the Care Show in Bournemouth (17-18 March 2009) enjoyed record attendances. Topics included Leadership, Team Performance and Team Morale.

    16 March 2009
    I had follow-up meetings with management and staff at Steadway Care Ltd in Boscombe. Staff expresed how the training in December had really helped them but there is still much to be done. Goals have been set with staff and it has been agreed that I will be reporting and following up again in the summer of 2009.

    12 March 2009
    My 'Presenting to Meetings and Committees' Seminar for GCMA members in the Basingstoke area was very successful. All the delegates had their presentations videotaped and their feedback was also recorded and burned onto a DVD for their own use. Delegates were quick to praise the interactivity and peer feedback built into an intensive day's training.

    2 March 2009
    My session at the FEGGA Conference in Copenhagen on 26-28 February 2009 called 'Facing the Future' was a great success and the APG have already invited me to run it again at their conference in Portugal later in the year. I am grateful to Soren Nicholson of the DGA (Denmark), Kamil Pecenka of the CGA (Czech Republic), Agnar Kvalbein of the NGA (Norway), Demie Moore of Aquatrols (USA), Peter Jones of PJA (UK) and Jerry Kilby of the CMAE (based in Dublin) for helping me with the small group working and making this exciting session a truly international experience.

    20 February 2009
    My sessions on the Advanced Course for Racecourse Groundsmen at York went very well. This popular course is a much sought after 'pass/fail' event for Racecourse Groundsmen, Clerks of Courses and other Racecourse officials. My sessions were on management skills and personal effectiveness. I am grateful to Chris Costello of the IOG and John Davis for their continued confidence in my work.

    10 February 2009
    Imagine my surprise when I was asked the (working) day before to run a Negotiating Skills Course on Monday and Tuesday (9th and 10th February) for managers working for the Highways Agency in Birmingham. Just four delegates but the course went well.

    22 January 2009
    My new talk for conferences, called 'Preparing People for Change' gained a great reaction at the EGU/GCMA Conference Programme at Harrogate on 21 January 2009. So much so that I have been asked to give it all over again by the same sponsor at the GCMA Triennial Conference 16-18 November 2009 at Hinckley.

    19 January 2009
    For the third consecutive year all the places on my 'Moving into Management' Workshop at Harrogate Week (18-19 January 2009) sold out well in advance. The first workshop in 2007 was 100% over-subscribed and the second was the fastest selling seminar at Harrogate Week 2008. I am grateful to Sami Collins, BIGGA's Head of Learning and Development, for inviting me to run these events. Each workshop is updated to reflect the current economic situation in the industry. If you were hoping to attend the workshop or you were going to send someone else you are advised to register with Sami or Rachael on 01347 833800 to register for 2010. If you are concerned and cannot
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