Customised Courses
One-off or Customised Training
Sometimes an 'off-the-shelf' solution is not appropriate and so a specific or customised design can be put together, with full management consultation, to meet the needs of clients. I am a firm believer in practical, enjoyable and commonsense training that is backed up by my personal guarantee.
  • Every year I devise new courses for new clients. I have many ready-made courses on the shelf and I can draw on years of experience of designing and delivering courses that build skill and confidence, courses that people enjoy, courses that are cost-effective.
  • I am keen to work closely with the management team so that the training, the team building event, the assessment centre, or the conference speech is the best possible fit for all concerned. I prefer management involvement at all stages, especially in the follow up, when we look at the impact the training or service provided has had on the work team, the organisation and on the bottom line.
  • No training job too small, no job too big. I have run seminars for groups ranging from 1 to 400 people and team building events for up to 180 people at a time.
Major Contract or Training Initiatives
I have a wide network of the highest calibre co-trainers and training suppliers and I can facilitate a corporate response to match the best in the marketplace.
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