• 'The feedback on the Course, both the content and the trainer, was exceptional and as a result the programme generated a great deal of interest within Apple'.
    Joyce Blair, Apple Computer (UK) Limited
  • 'It was brilliant. I found the course informative, useful, practical and easily adaptable to my working life'.
    Cathy Clewer, Motorola Telco
  • 'Fabulous! Informative and very well presented by an articulate tutor who knew his stuff'.
    Alyson Allgood, Inland Revenue
  • 'Frank Newberry should be congratulated in the way in which he instilled such confidence in the group'.
    David Jones, Area Manager, Country Club Hotels
  • 'Excellent style and delivery, extremely enjoyable. Excellent presentation - humorous, varied, adaptable to the needs of the group'.
    Steve Walker, Principal Inspector, Health and Safety Executive
  • 'The workshop was truly uplifting, highly informative and entertaining. Frank was excellent: a superb communicator, motivator and tutor, seemingly fuelled by tremendous enthusiasm and humour, all this and a genuine empathy as well!'
    Anthony Black, Course Manager, Heydon Grange Golf and Country Club
  • 'Frank was extremely personable and hit the group like a live shell….'
    Dave Woolley, Inland Revenue Inspector, Swindon
  • 'Frank runs an interesting and illuminating workshop, full of practical tips'.
    Chris Steward, Business Consultant, author of 'Bluffer's Guide to Public Speaking'
  • 'Frank Newberry is a fantastic speaker and advisor who delivers with such personal friendliness, flair and charisma … I learned things I will never forget'.
    Stephen McGuigan, Groundsman, Beverley Racecourse, N. Yorkshire.

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